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Once upon a time there was a great message board called A Special Thing, run by Never Not Funny’s Matt Belknap. Comedians you know and love posted on it. Todd Barry would give us updates on Louis CK. Jen Kirkman would occasionally pop in the chat room. It was a haven where the internet wasn’t a cesspool of awful youtube comments. 

Unfortunately the website crashed and a lot of us abandoned it. It still exists, but the archives, along with years of my photo recaps of Comedy Death Ray were lost. Doug Benson still randomly answers questions there, as long as they’re not dumb. 

Anyway, there would be these polls in which we would rank comedians. Before the crash, it fueled a video response to the results between some comedians.

Here is my favorite.
Here is Zach’s/Kindler’s response and Tim & Eric’s

Anonymous Asked:
Hey Danny, What do you think about the whole Zoe Quinn scandal, I can understand why you would not want to answer this question, in fact I would be very surprised if you posted your answer. After hearing these allegations about Zoe, how do you think this will impact journalist in the Gaming industry?


It’s a massive load of internet bollox. The only way in which it’ll impact journalists is by making them feel like their audience are a raving pack of fucking morons. I swear to god it’s shit like this that make talented hard-working people throw up their arms and say “fuck it, what’s the point?”.

Suddenly we’re interested in who people allegedly fucked or didn’t fuck? What the hell has any of this to do with anything? The gaming community is no better than the british tabloids right now and if we’re not ashamed yet we should be.

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After a horrifically bad day, this is the splurging I do on myself to make me feel better. FYI I am 28 years old.

After a horrifically bad day, this is the splurging I do on myself to make me feel better. FYI I am 28 years old.

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Cardin’ it up.

Cardin’ it up.

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My night > your night.

My night > your night.

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