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Who Charted?: Surfing Rainbows

Steve-O is taking a break from his surfing adventures to find out Who Charted?! Steve-O confesses to loving the Pop station, cops to owning the Cirque de Soleil soundtrack, and explains what happened to his unreleased rap record during the Ultimate Music Chart. The Movie Chart unearths why he hasn’t seen Zero Dark Thirty and shares when movies went sour for him. You won’t believe what he has done with sharks. Tune in to find out!

It absolutely fascinates me to hear Steve-O talk now. The dude is so clear headed and so incredible, even when he does occasionally do stupid stunts still. It’s amazing that the dude that everyone thought would be the most fucked up Jackass guy in the future ended up being so responsible and down to earth.

Steve-O in 2013 got sober, cleaned up, and became an incredible role model for people trying to get over addiction. Bam Margera shot a music video where he pissed into his own mouth and rapped about wanting to fuck his own ass.