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3 years ago on September/12/2011 at 02:38am with 0 notesReblog
#doctor who  #the girl who waited  #bbc 
Phenomenal episode.

Phenomenal episode.

Note from Tazar: Sucks for Collins, but too bad so sad. He signed a confidentiality agreement, and he broke it. Now they have replaced him. It doesn’t fucking matter who the guy is behind the helmet. The Stig is The Stig, not whoever is wearing the suit. That’s the whole fun and mystique of the character, that we don’t know who or what he actually is.

And for the record, I’ve always thought he was made of ham and gouda.

Canon to the 11th Doctor’s storyline, with stories written by Phil Ford and James Moran. Moffat will be Exec Producing. I am excite.

Discovery Channel is run by a bunch of fucking idiots, apparently. Because they did the same thing with Planet Earth (replacing David Attenborough’s voice with Sigourney Weaver) and those sold so badly I don’t even think you can get the version with her narration on DVD anymore. Way to fail, Discovery.

PS, I’d pay $100 just to hear David Attenborough narrate a cereal box to me.